This is the place for every beginning and the place where we should be aware of; awareness.

Have you ever thought about what does it mean to say ‘ Be Aware of ’? You can have a good begining by trying to understand why and what you do unconsciously in your everyday routines.

Every morning we get up the same bed, we look in the same mirror and washing out our faces in the same sink. We use the same road to go our jobs for doing the same work, and we catch the same every month for arriving the same offices or workplaces to get the same amount of salary. We can’t give up on loyalty to our human nature for setting up routines and obeying them. Even though we mostly define our jobs as ‘creative ’.

Routines keep us alive in a way. We make our trust circle with the bricks of routines. Thanks to routines we keep our relationships healthy, we pay our rents and get our salary increase. What we left outside the circle is that we ironically keep callin’ ‘creative’. We actually do that job is defined as creative by holding our routines. Routines are our biggest power, only we see them as our most weakness.

Where is this awareness?

Super ego has no other energy to think of who is he? Frankly he has no time either! Almost every kind self-help book advises us that being aware of ourselves and their redundant sentences hope that they can evoke us.

All success stories telling us that it is not true, we oppositely live in societies telling us that we only can be survival by holding our routines — which our awareness kindly be ignored- and probably we hope to die this way.

The question is:

What have you achieved so far? What is success? Is it a measurable thing?

The major success is setting a balanced — everything is not equally important- life, for us. At this point, awareness becomes essential.

If you know what is your weakness and strenght, you feed your subconcious about how to use your strenght right. Some academic research shows us that we can make our conscious to take the right decision by feeding our subconscious in the right way.

Richard Koch states an almost 12o-year-old Pareto Principle in his The 80/20 Principle book. The big idea which is used by big companies esoterically, almost forgotten and unforeseen over 70 years.

We achieve by our weakness not by our strenght. This principle states that 80 per cent of results flow from our 20 per cent of causes. Description of this principle defines that consequences results from the least causes. If we say it in another way; what we don’t effort and what we expect never makes any consequences. You should begin to work from today to reach the future big result for you.

Awareness is about who you are; not about what you can achieve! Only way to get your results is knowing that what you want.

What is your strenght?

The closest moment for finding our strenght is the moment that we give up fighting. Right after the ‘ I am bored of this work, I’ll live in a small village’ moment…

At this moment thing are getting complicated. Reflectional behaviors, choosinf the comfort place, a life far away from satisfaction with low energy… The break moment should have occurred by this time or at least we should wait for it. The right moment of our giving up, if all the conditions are fulfilled until your present age, you’ll see it as an opportunity for sure.

Actually, you were always like this but you never realized how strong you are. You thought that you deserve the better and hope that it’ll happen soon. When you look closer, you realized that your age is over 30’s. In the middle of the life, a quite and deep panic attack comes: Nobody even realized you!

The signs were always be there but instinct to survive made you preclude from doing creative work. You had have nothing less than the ‘succsessful one’ who you can say that he is not perfect, actually you got the more of him. Either, you didn’t achieve it! That beastly guy makes his life while you were collecting your pennies to pay your credit card threshold. Or, one of your friends takins stories in a pizza restaurant in Italy, while you are calculating how you can get your cheese for your breakfast. Can you say that?

Start from today!

The best time to begin is now! Today, make you away from critising me what I’ve written. I don’t care about you thoughts about what background I should come from to write these down, nor what should I have done anymore. No worry about how qualified I am, which I don’t care either. I don’t care your ideas how or, what I should do. Today don’t critize! Today, take your road to whatever you want to do. Do what postphoned and never done before, just because you care that day what people think of you.

Keep forward slowly!..

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Thank you for reading.

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